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Vacasa announces new apartment leasing offer

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Global vacation rental platform, Vacasa has recently announced a new program built to add condos and apartments located in bigger cities to its already growing vacation rental platform.

Under the new program, called Vacasa Multifamily, the company signs long-term leases with building owners, developers and property managers for units in urban areas and turns around and rents them out to vacationers. Vacasa could lease as few as one or a couple of units, though it is also open to taking larger chunks of units in some cases.

Vacasa Multifamily operates in the company’s hometown of Portland as well as Seattle, Boise, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, with more markets to come in 2019.

“A natural spot for us is going to more urban markets,” said Colin Carvey, head of growth for Vacasa. “We need to be where our guests want to go; we need to provide services to our owners. Urban markets is something we have done for a period of time; we just haven’t gone full tilt into looking at it as a part of our business.”

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