Software engineer creates party-centric booking platform

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Happy Retreats is a Bengalurian platform created by software engineer, Pradeep Gowriraju, that helps friends and families find farmhouses outside of the city for special occasions.

Such was his love for party planning and organization that he soon became the go-to consultant for parties, events, and functions for friends and families. Between 2011 and 2014, this techie meticulously planned parties, sometimes even donning costumes to entertain kids at birthday parties. Along the way, his childhood friend, Pradeep Goud Nagula, teamed up with him and the two churned out hit after hit.

At one such event, Gowriraju and Nagula heard about the concept of parties held at getaway retreats on the outskirts of Bengaluru. They then met a family who had a lovely three-room farmhouse sitting on a two-acre property just outside the city but did not know how best to utilize it. Happy Retreats was born soon after.

The birth of Happy Retreats

In late 2016, Gowriraju took the property from the couple who owned it and started a website, listing just one property. He employed a couple of people to manage and maintain the property and within a week, got a call from a family that wanted to spend a weekend there.

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