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QuantumDigital joins open-platform network with MoxiWorks

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There is a company based out of Austin, Texas that's been making targeted direct marketing more streamlined, and its name is QuantumDigital, Inc. Recently, the company has announced an expansion to its suite of service providers which are equipped with MoxiWorks, a comprehensive, open-platform system that works for both real estate agents and brokerages.

As a result of this integration, both QuantumDigital and MoxiWorks clientele can simply and easily expand lead generation efforts with quality one-to-one response-driven programs. Through automated real estate marketing tools leveraging direct mail, email, social media and more, QuantumDigital and MoxiWorks’ customers have a platform to provide agents with the tools they need to succeed.

“By integrating with MoxiWorks, our national brokerage clients can ensure their agents have access to best of breed technologies to help them be as successful as possible in building and maintaining relationships with prospects,” said Eric Cosway, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, QuantumDigital. “Joining the MoxiWorks network demonstrates QuantumDigital’s continued commitment to delivering on our promise to accelerate sales and engagement for real estate agents and brokers.”

“The integration of QuantumDigital and MoxiWorks is a testament to QuantumDigital’s focus on making direct marketing simple and fast for real estate agents and brokers,” said York Baur, chief executive officer of MoxiWorks. “We’re thrilled to work with QuantumDigital as the company builds on its over 30-year history of helping brokers and agents strengthen their spheres of influence, shaping real estate success across the nation.”

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