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A PropTech brokerage that focuses on making the real estate transaction easier for both buyers and sellers,, has recently announced that the company has released several new features that will be available online through the mobile app that will help to simplify the home search system, making it more personalized.

According to the National Association of Realtors, homebuyers typically searched for 10 weeks and looked at a median of 10 homes during the home search process.'s new proprietary property ranking and tour management technology can simplify the home search, save time and help buyers navigate listings more effectively through a highly personalized search. Buyers can now easily schedule and keep track of home tours online.

Customers can specify their preferences so that property listings are ranked based on a "best match" algorithm (rather than removed from the search results). Additionally, customers can plan and book multiple home tours, while keeping track of all the viewings, observations and notes taken during each tour. With these new features, buyers and their agents can make the home search more efficient while reducing the risk of missing out on the right home in this competitive real estate market.

A recent survey by of more than 1,000 consumers who recently purchased a home found that buyers are looking for their agent to save them time in the home buying process through tech-based tools. In fact, 46 percent want their agent to keep track of all their appointments, viewings or follow-ups in one place and 42 percent want the ability to schedule showings online. With technology and seamless access to data at the forefront of the home search, the key features of the new experience include:

  • Property preferences-based match: This tool provides buyers with the ability to navigate more effectively through property listings, by scoring the listings according to their match with the buyers' preferences, and ranking them accordingly in the buyers' search results. Home buyers can indicate how important different property and location attributes are for them, ranging from common features such as number of bedrooms or bathrooms, to more niche attributes such as a garden or double garage.
  • Property tour manager: To make it easier to for home buyers to quickly visit the homes they are interested in and allow them to increase their chances to be the first ones to see them, offers the ability to schedule multiple property tours directly online or via mobile. The tour manager tool helps save time in the home search process by allowing more efficient communication with the agent and scheduling of multiple visits with a few clicks.
  • Property tour report: To help home buyers make sense of their housing options and make the best-informed decisions on what houses to create an offer for, agents provide buyers with a rich tour report delivered via email to the customer after each showing (soon also available online). The tour report features pictures and a property description, as well as information about each property visited including home details, neighborhood information, and notes taken during the viewing, allowing buyers and their agent the ease of reviewing the insights about each tour in one place.

"Shopping for homes has historically been a tedious and sometimes overwhelming task — buyers spend an enormous amount of time sifting through hundreds of properties, manually scheduling multiple showings, and then trying to remember the key details of each property after the showing," said Dario Cardile, Vice President, Growth Marketing at " is now making this entire experience far easier, by personalizing the search process and introducing tools to manage showings and tour observations. In today's fast-moving and competitive market, the new experience helps buyers save time and make better-informed decisions, increasing their chances of getting into the right home and at the best possible price."

Survey Methodology enacted an online survey among a random sample of the general population of the US and an oversample of consumers in the Atlanta area. A total of 1,214 home buyers (defined as those who purchased a home within the last four years) participated. Interviewing was conducted by Echo Research, a global market analytics firm, from January 31 to February 8, 2018. The overall margin of error for this sample size is +/- 2.8 percent at the 95 percent confidence level.

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