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Frontier Digital Ventures brings together investees for prop tech conference

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Frontier Digital Ventures recently organized its inaugural property tech conference in Dubai for its investments who operate property portals.

The two-day event brought together 17 attendees from 13 countries to examine, discuss and share their experiences on the evolution of the online advertising model into becoming platforms for successfully facilitating property transactions.

The conference addressed a range of topics, including a roadmap for how to implement a transaction model, understanding the transaction opportunity in different markets structures, managing the end-to-end process for consumers and sellers, and how innovation is driving opportunity in different parts of the world.

Shaun di Gregorio, the CEO of Frontier Digital Ventures, commented: “what’s become clear to us in recent years is the evolution of the traditional online classifieds advertising model into an environment where buyers and sellers of property want to have a one-stop platform from searching for a property to making a transaction.”

Di Gregorio added, “Because the digital industry is continuing to be transformed by the evolution of technology; building a successful transaction model from a traditional online classifieds business is a real and significant opportunity in frontier and emerging markets. With the right strategies, it also presents an unprecedented opportunity for market leaders in this industry to become trusted facilitators of a property transaction for both buyers and sellers.”

Kelvin Nyame, CEO & Founder of MeQasa in Ghana commented that the presentations from the companies were revealing in a positive way and everyone was genuinely sharing their success and challenges that have helped get them to where they are today.

Ramon Ballesca, CEO and Founder of Hoppler in the Philippines added that “participating in the conference brought the opportunity to listen to fascinating breakthrough innovations, the importance of having a solid transaction model plan and also the opportunity to learn from other industry leaders in the field.”

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