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Emoov CEO says it’s business as usual

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Recently, Russell Quirk, CEO at British property portal Emoov, has made it clear that the rumors about his business is not in administration.

He stated: “That is untrue. It is a matter of fact that this is not the case.

“I am aware that there are all sorts of rumors and conjecture flying around but it is very much business as usual and, as is no secret, we are continuing to try and find a buyer.

“Are there multiple conversations going on? Yes, there are. Are these challenging times? Yes, they are.”

Quirk addressed staff face to face at the Emoov offices in central London, plus some local property experts remotely.

Emoov staff also received a rallying call in the form of an email from  Jack Malnick, Emoov’s national sales manager, who took up the post in January this year.

It says: “Just a quick note on what was a very difficult meeting, in a very tough time for everyone involved.

“I know it’s not been easy up until now, and next week will be much the same, particularly those paying for travel etc but I just wanted to reiterate something – if we don’t show up for work, don’t answer the phones, have the tough conversations, book viewings and valuations (and go to the ones we book) then we don’t have a business, we won’t get bought and we won’t get paid."

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